Sunday, 4 October 2009

Lets do this!

So here is the deal.

It's Sunday morning we have met at our home the Roundhouse in Camden and we are now going to split up and collaborate with someone, anyone, everyone.

The aim of today is to create a new story through collaborations with the people we meet on the street. Each new person will be asked for their input to a story. Then we will pass the new parts of the story to each other via text messages. In essence it is an interactive, city-wide version of chinese whispers or consequence.

Although we may not be physically together for this we will be keeping in contact through; Phone calls, Text Message, E-mail, Twitter, Carrier Pigeon and Mystic Meg like telepathy.

We will be uploading blog posts throughout the day updating on our adventure.

ODT (On Dis Ting)

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