Thursday, 18 March 2010


So the Out House Collective are in full swing for an exciting year ahead.  We're a part of Contacting the World (part of our application process for this international festival was 'enjoyably' documented in our earlier blog posts).  You can check us out at

We also have a new director and writer, Elgiva Fields and James Baldwin, who we're working with us on a show to perform at Contacting the World in Manchester, July, and... as part of the Camden Fringe Festival in August!!  So far it involves boxes, fairytales, neon landscapes, eternal darkness and eternal night, atoms, singing owls with insomnia and lots more.
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Friday, 9 October 2009

Geroge The Hero

There was man called George The Hero. This is his story.....

Here’s a brief summary of the story that was discovered through various interactions with the general public. Yes, they’re our creative muses and we’re simply their creative vessel. If that’s not a blissful collaboration then I don’t know what is! Here we go:

There was a man called George the Hero. He is Greek and has a mane of blonde hair, has piercing blue eyes and always wears a white toga suit with sandals. He likes to go out to a gay bar on a Friday night, why not? Last Friday George came in to a kerfuffle with Madonna at the gay bar. She offended him so much that they broke into a fight, which got poor George arrested and locked up.

Luckily for George, his niece Alex Nearchou busted him out by eating the jail bars. She took her uncle George to a cottage to hide out and consequently tried it on with him! Whilst Alex tried her charms, she realised that they were in grave danger as Jaws (the baddy from the Bond film) was after them because Alex had stolen Jaws’ technique of biting through things. Apparently he had patented this technique in the 90s. Who knows.

A half naked George along with his niece Alex smashed through the windows of the cottage. Our Greek hero used a fig leaf to cover his manhood and so Alex decided to get naked as well and cover her lady bits in the same way. They came across a church and said that they were Adam and Eve back from the past. They met some hippies who were on their way to Hawaii and so George and Alex hopped on their hippy-mobile and were on their way to this exotic island.

In a final turn, George and Alex were murdered whilst holidaying in Hawaii. How tragic. After much investigation, it turned out that it was Madonna’s evil plan to have them killed all along. The Queen of Pop uses her bad music as well as her one-to-one relationship with God to kill all homosexuals in the world. She has assassins planted all over the world to do her dirty work for her, which is what caused this tragic tale to come to and end.

And there we have it. George the Hero…almost a Greek tragedy.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

So the moral of the story is...

Don't listen to Madonna!

(No offence Madge, this was all in fun, and we're fairly sure you're not a giant homophobe.)

So we had an epic journey collaborating with the good people of London (and Oxford) to create our tale of gay rights, travel and pointy bras! It took a long time to get everything posted up here, but we hope you enjoyed reading and following our exploits online via this blog and Twitter.

Oh the things we could do with this tragic tale of woe...

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Final Chapter...

Our final helper closes up the story...

The lovely girls leave us with a parting message...

Southbank draws towards the end.

So as Team Camden had to retreat to charge Battery we left the story telling to The Southbank Girls and Bam in Oxford (somewhere)


So very close now...

Alas we ran out of Battery!

So back in Camden we realised our Camera had ran out of Battery but fear not the story will continue on Twitter

We found two lovely young girls in Camden who told us there friend Alex Nearchou helped eat George the Hero out of incarceration.

Back to Oxford and the Southbank it is...

To keep the video-addicted of you happy, here is a film made by Sarah Jane with music from Myself.

Made while waiting for the camera to charge.